About Us

About Us

Pets—First and Always: That’s the Prevue Promise. For 150 years, the Prevue and Hendryx names have been synonymous with the highest quality and widest variety of pet homes, toys and accessories for all of our furry and feathered companions. Our mission is to make products that promote your pet’s safe keeping, cleanliness, and healthful, active living while also fitting within your daily lifestyle.

Our Dedication to Pet Safety

The health and safety of your pet is our highest priority. All the materials used in manufacturing are precisely sourced and our products are routinely lab-tested and certified to be free of toxic substances and harmful elements.

Our Passion for Design & Innovation

Pets thrive at the center of busy family lifestyles. So, as we are designing the best products for your pet – we’ve got you in mind as well. Habitats that are safe and secure to live in will also have useful user functions and fit beautifully within your décor. Accessories, with proper care, will be as easy to install, as durable, and as long-lasting as we can make them. Toys that address basic instinctual needs will add to their health and pleasure, and will also add a natural and/or colorful touch to your and their environment.

Our Selection & Value

We offer pet homes to fit all budgets and accommodate a wide range of pet sizes and species—birds from canary to cockatoo; felines from kittens to cats; dogs from bichons to huskies; chickens and rabbits; small animals from gerbils to ferrets to chinchillas. From starter homes for your child’s first pet, to the ideal breeder habitat for birds, to a high-end forever home for the seasoned pet aficionado, we’ve got you covered. 

Did You Know: 

  1. Prevue makes the largest selection of
    bird homes in the United States. 
  2. Prevue is the only pet company offering
    a Made in the USA cage line. 


Our Commitment to Excellence 

We strive to source the best materials and create durable products at the most affordable prices. Our design team is constantly evaluating our product, improving and expanding offerings, and innovating new solutions. Feedback from loyal customers like you is crucial to our success — if you have a comment or observation from using our product(s), please let us hear from you.

Our Customer Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and experience possible. If you have a question, problem, or concern, or if you require assistance with an assembly or need a replacement part, please send an email or give us a call. We are here to help.

Our Story

Before the start of online shopping—even before the advent of big chains stores—the business of providing products for pets consisted of a small group of tight-knit, family-run companies, working to make pet products accessible to animal lovers. As World War II came to an end, our grandfather, Murph Savitt – pet advocate, innovator and maverick—partnered into a small company in New York named Reliance. Murph, along with his partner Ralph, found themselves at the forefront of our country’s manufacturing revolution and the expansion of the pet products industry.

In the early 1960s, the Andrew B. Hendryx Company—founded in 1869, and eventually to become known as the gold standard for bird cages—needed a new home. Prevue Metal Products in Chicago stepped in and combined the two businesses to create Prevue Hendryx. A little while later, Prevue Hendryx and Reliance joined forces. In 1972, Murph’s son, Rick Savitt, merged all of the brands into Prevue Pet Products. The entire operation became housed under one roof in Prevue’s still-current headquarters in Chicago. 

Even as times changed and business expanded, Rick maintained a close-knit family culture at Prevue. Jason Savitt, Rick’s son, joined the company in the mid-90s, and is now the company’s President and CEO. 

For three generations, the Savitt family has upheld the legacy of the Hendryx and Prevue names while reinforcing a deep and abiding commitment to our beloved pet companions and to the people who love them. Prevue’s passion for pets remains the driving force behind the company’s innovation and growth, rooted in a foundation of strong family values.

From our family to yours, the Prevue promise continues to be – Pets—First and Always.

Prevue. A Passion for Pets Since 1869.

Prevue is an active member of the APPMA (American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, PIDA (Pet Industry Distributor Association), WWPSA (World Wide Pet Supply Association, The Pet Care Trust and PJAC (The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council).